In the name of God

Call for Entries
International Section
13th. International Resistance Film Festival (IRFF)
With special focus on Resistance, Wisdom and Prosperity




The Islamic Revolution and Sacred Defense Cinematic Community presents:
Sacred Defense Week (September 22-29 2014)


Call for Entries

International section

The 13th International Resistance Film Festival (IRFF) aims at expanding the ‘Culture of Resistance’. It is arranged in the three sections of 'International Competition', 'Imad Moqniyeh Award' and the 'Outlook of Iran's Resistance Cinema in the World'.

The festival welcomes works with focus on the resistance of Muslims and the oppressed worldwide. All the productions since January 2012 in Iran and other countries could be submitted to the festival.

Key dates and deadlines:

  • Submission deadline: June 24th, 2014
  • Announcement of selected films: July 14th, 2014
  • Festival Opening: Parallel with the Sacred Defense Week (September 22-29 2014).


  1. Presenting a revealing image of the US and Zionism crimes in the world
  2. Exposing the role of the US and Zionism in sectarianism and expansion of Takfiri groups
  3. Regional and worldwide spread of the Islamic Awakening
  4. Exploring roots of the Occupy Movement of the 99% in the US and Europe
  5. Efforts by Muslims to revive Islamic identity and respond to Islamophobia and Iranophobia
  6. How the people of Gaza, Lebanon and Syria confront global Zionism and imperialism
  7. How assassinated martyrs expose the American version of human rights
  8. A world free of terrorism and nuclear weapons
  9. Introduction of resistance martyrs and major figures in the world
  10. The role of Zionism and Wahhabism in desecration of Muslim beliefs and Prophets
  11. Hollywood’s role in promotion of
  12. Violence, Terrorism and sectarianism
  13. Satanism and fighting monotheistic religions
  14. Desecration of prophets
  15. Degradation of morality and family values


  1. How Islamic unity can uncover conspiracies of hegemonic powers
  2. Introducing liberation movements and campaigns of the oppressed
  3. Countering the imposition of a Western lifestyle and cultural invasion
  4. Solutions to combat US sanctions regarding:
  5. Iran, Cuba , Syria
  6. Iran’s nuclear dossier
    1. Defying US hegemony
    2. Economic, social, family crises in Europe and the US
    3. The role of resistance in promotion of the culture of war
    4. Whistleblowers, individual and collective security, spy trade, political assassinations in the US
    5. Popular resistance leaders in the Arab world and the West
    6. A world without weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, Wahhabism, war and invasion
    7. Influence of the Islamic Revolution in the world, Iranophobia and Islamophobia
    8. Using women as tools; modern slave markets and human depravity in Western civilizations
    9. Attacking false flags; invading USS Liberty by Israeli navy; the September 11 attacks and the role of Zionist lobby and American neoconservatives in them
    10. Assessment of the resistance currents against power of the Zionist lobby in the US and Europe:
  7. How to confront Christian Zionism
  8. Strategies to counter the Zionist lobby in the US Europe and
    1. Cultural, economic, political and scientific boycott of the usurper Zionist regime
    2. Ways to neutralize subversive movements within color revolutions
    3. Alternative media and globalization of the Zionist media network
    4. Fall of the American empire America, Fall of Zionism
    5. Human rights and double standards in the West
  9. Three centuries of slavery in the West and the status of blacks in Europe and the US.



Feature Films:

The festival's statue, an honorary diploma and an award for the best film

The festival statue, an honorary diploma with an award for the best director

The festival's statue, an honorary diploma with a cash award for the best screenplay.



The winner gets the festival's statue, an honorary diploma and an award

An honorary diploma and an award for the first runner-up

An honorary diploma and an award for the second runner-up


Special Section:

Imad Muqniyeh:

Films with focus on terrorism and countering the crimes of Takfiri and Wahhabi groups will be considered in this section. The special award covers the festival's statue, an honorary diploma and a cash award.

Outlook for Iran's resistance cinema:

The Cinematic Community of the Islamic Revolution and Sacred Defense and the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization are jointly organizing film festivals in several countries in the region and the world featuring films about Iran's Sacred Defense as well as anti-Semitic and anti-American productions in support for human rights.